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Redrill - Ontario Canada

What does PCD stand for? Which wheels fit what? Why you'd need spacers & how they alter your offset (ET).

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Redrill - Ontario Canada

Postby hudson » 27 Mar 2014 11:59

Before I buy over size inserts and a drill to do at a local machine shop, I was hoping that someone knows of a shop near Toronto, Ontario that will redrill aluminum wheels.

I've got 4x95.25 and need to get to 4x98, should be fairly straight forward.. and may not require filling (I hope)

Thanks for any feedback.
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Re: Redrill - Ontario Canada

Postby imncrxtc » 26 Mar 2016 14:41

There is a shop in Woodbridge that redrills. I forget the name of the place, they used to be on Oakdale rd. I will look to see what i can dig up. They drilled my Borbet B's a while a go.
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