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Centre Lock Adapter Question

What does PCD stand for? Which wheels fit what? Why you'd need spacers & how they alter your offset (ET).

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Centre Lock Adapter Question

Postby The piano man » 18 Sep 2015 14:07


I recently bought some centre lock wheels so need some adapters making, the adapters Iv'e seen people using don't seem to have anything other than the main locking nut and the bolts to fit them to the hub.

The wheels I have are peg drive so I'm assuming I would need to incorporate these into my adapters otherwise on a hard launch there is a chance the hub will spin and not the wheel, which could loosen the nut.

I don't intend to drive any different with these wheel than I would with standard fitment wheels so even if you can only fit a couple of pegs between the fixing bolts surely it would be better than none?

Am I over thinking it or is this something other adapters are missing or are these only for show wheels?

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