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New wheels, pcd related questions.

What does PCD stand for? Which wheels fit what? Why you'd need spacers & how they alter your offset (ET).

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New wheels, pcd related questions.

Postby clarkey1984 » 14 Apr 2016 20:32

Hi all, I have just bought a set of 17" rs4 reps very very cheaply, and they are the incorrect pcd for my car, so I'm just looking to clarify what my options might be.

The wheels are multi fit, 4x108 and 4x100, however my car is 4x114.3, the way the existing holes are positioned means there is ample room for 4 more holes in the correct pcd.

There is more than enough space away from the beginning of the spokes etc, but as I don't know much about wheels I'm just wondering if 12 holes in a wheel is actually safe.

But if its not then would I be able to get them drilled and then have the other holes welded up?

I have exhausted the possibility of hub adapters as the thinnest ones I can find would almost certainly result in the wheel meeting the arch, and the 15mm ones I have found that might just clear aren't hub centric and I wouldn't wish to run with no centre support because I'm basically not a loony.

Another option would be to have the rear of the wheel machined so that I could run a decent hub centric adaptor, but again I'm not sure if removing material from the mating face of a wheel would be wise.

I have also considered having the hubs redrilled but I'm put off a little because if I want to change cars in future then I'd be unable to refit the standard 15s if I wanted to.

Sorry for all the text but I'm pretty clueless and wanted to get all the relevant info in.

Many thanks in advance.
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