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cambering the front of a mk1 rabbit

What size, make, design, pressure? Who can stretch tyres? Tuck, rake, poke. Coilovers, roll (sway) bars, strut braces (tie bars), air-ride, hydraulics, camber plates/spherical bearings?

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cambering the front of a mk1 rabbit

Postby vwm4yh3m » 18 Oct 2014 01:06

whats up guys im looking into camber the front of my mk1 rabbit more. it is maxed out as far as it can go as of now with just the camber bolts. I would run some camber plates on the strut towers, but I have bolt on tower extensions that will not let me do so. has anyone one on here done this a different way before? any info helps

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cambering the front of a mk1 rabbit

Postby HaroldAssaulk » 26 Mar 2015 04:48

ok guys just need little help on finding the best way to remove the front springs in my 86. I know the best way is with a spring compressor but I know you can do it with a floor jack by losing up the lower control arm
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