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Square Shoulders??

What size, make, design, pressure? Who can stretch tyres? Tuck, rake, poke. Coilovers, roll (sway) bars, strut braces (tie bars), air-ride, hydraulics, camber plates/spherical bearings?

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Square Shoulders??

Postby cZm » 05 Feb 2016 09:42

Hi all
Silly question here but hopefully someone can help. Its a bit hard to explain.
I just bought some new TOYO Proxies, 225/35/18's (on 8J's) and it just seems like the side walls are not 35's and very bulbous looking. The shoulders look very rounded and not square - if that makes sense.

I am assuming it is all down to make of tyre, some are more squarer than others, do you think that is the case and if so what should I be look at with nice square shoulders.
I hope that makes sense.
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