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advice needed asap! - refurbishing BBS LM reps

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advice needed asap! - refurbishing BBS LM reps

Postby Slizza786 » 19 Oct 2015 18:51


New to this forum but loving the interesting threads that are around.

I have some BBS LM reps which were bought mirror polished. I immediately plasti dipped the spokes and centre black which left the lips exposed so was then lacquered (a mistake I later realised). As expected, the bolts caused the lacquer to crack and so water and all other muck has gotten in and ruined my lips which now have white patches all around them. In addition I have some terrible gutter rash because of the tight roads in and around London.

I'm looking to refurb the lip to mirror shine again using 600, 800, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 grit paper followed by shitloads of mother's polish. My concerns are:

Am I able to repair the gutter rashes and polish back without having to respray?

Do I need to use paint stripper on the lip and bolts to remove the lacquer? (I may have written this same question on another thread)

With the winter season coming, if I were to refurbish them now would poor boys sealant be enough to protect them until spring or is it best to wait until winter is over? (I dont have my stock wheels to put back unfortunately)

The only free time I will have to do any potential work is next weekend hence the urgency so I can order items if I so go ahead with it.

I've attached a pic of their current condition.


Big thanks for any advice given
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