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Is a refurb possible?

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Is a refurb possible?

Postby lil_ej_x » 19 Feb 2016 09:41

Hi all!

I have some Rays Gram Lights which i really like but they came to me with kerb rash and i want to remove it.
I have asked a few places, naively so it seems, if they could polish them - no one local does polishing but found some people further afield who inform me that the wheels cannot be polished, they are stainless bands.

So a couple of Qs...

1 - Can the bands not be polished at all?

2 - Anyone know where I can get replacement bands? One of the chaps I spoke to couldnt find any info and suggested a wheel forum so here I am lol - tbh I havent had any luck on google either...

I really would love to keep these wheels but I dont like driving cars with kerbed wheels so if there is no way they can be saved they are off :'(

Thanks in advance :cheers:

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