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Ultrafine grinding roller is the main working part of ultraf

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Ultrafine grinding roller is the main working part of ultraf

Postby remember006 » 25 Nov 2017 06:33

Ultrafine grinding roller refueling method, ultrafine grinding Roller is the main working parts of mill[/url]
ultrafine mill, only the full lubrication, work efficiency will play normal, this should be normal day-to-day maintenance, add lubricating oil. The following world-State Industrial Technology Group for the specific introduction of ultrafine grinding roller refueling method.
Because of the structure of the ultrafine grinding roller, it is a difficult problem to add lubricating oil to the grinding roller. With the traditional method of refueling, to the mill[/url]
ultrafine grinding mill roller any two bolts to flatten, and open two oil plugging and to a person holding the tubing, a person to refuel, so not only laborious, but also quite time-consuming, Generally add a bucket of 5KG of lubricating oil to take about half an hour or so, and with the rotary grinding open two of oil plugging, so that all the time added together, add a roller lubricant to use two hours. On this issue, we after several refueling work found that the traditional refueling method is time-consuming and laborious, so they opened such as pondering, how to use a labor-saving, and fast refueling method to complete each refueling task.
After careful observation and repeated experiments, using the existing hand-cranked pump tools and galvanized pipe joints, and in the pipeline to do with the external atmosphere of the breathable pipe, so that each time more open and welding back to an oil plugging, and grinding time, and the hand pump refueling speed than the oil pot refueling faster than several times. This down, plus 5KG of lubricating oil from the original two hours, into the present half an hour, not only greatly shorten the refueling time, but now the refueling way, only in the mill roller connected to the hand pump and pipe, a person can easily add in the oil.
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