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Center caps rays vr-x10

How to split and rebuild them. Where to find spares. Want gold bolts, wider rims, flat caps etc.

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Center caps rays vr-x10

Postby hurren » 27 Sep 2013 14:03

Hey guys. amateur wheel whore here! im new to the forum so i hope i am posting in the correct place.

about a year ago i bought some rays vr-x10 in 18x8/9 staggered flavour and was really happy about the price i paid for them. genuine classic 3 peice rays 18 inch rims with tyres for under £500. i thought i had the bargain of the century. when they arrived i realised the seller was a bit optimistic about the condition of them. luckily all the damage is cosmetic and i will be repairing them over the next few weeks.

the big problem i am facing though is... they have no center caps. and no matter how hard i look i just cant find any.

firstly if anybody has them. sell them to me!

secondly does anybody have any ideas what i could do if finding center caps does prove impossible. can i have some custom made? do other center caps fit? any help at all would be appreciated.

right now my wheels look like this. Image

when they should look like this Image

(neither picture is of my actual wheels)

thanks :)
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Re: Center caps rays vr-x10

Postby ryst13 » 28 Oct 2014 20:27

Hi, have really similar wheels and I too have had problems tracking down centre caps...really are hens teeth.
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