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cracked barrel - where to find a new one/get fixed?

How to split and rebuild them. Where to find spares. Want gold bolts, wider rims, flat caps etc.

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cracked barrel - where to find a new one/get fixed?

Postby have-a-go hero » 12 May 2016 16:25

As above,

I have a set of Volk Racing CV Pros that I adore, I had a tyre fail on the M3 and the wheel barrel was cracked in 2 places, I had it welded which was a terrible idea as less than a month later I found a pothole which has reopened the welds and cracked the wheel barrel in 2 more places.

I'm currently scanning eBay and gumtree like they're going out of fashion.

I put It to you oh mighty wheel geniuses, Where can I source wheel barrels?
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