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Looking for Compomotive FH500 parts

How to split and rebuild them. Where to find spares. Want gold bolts, wider rims, flat caps etc.

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Looking for Compomotive FH500 parts

Postby Turbosnippan » 14 May 2016 15:49

I´m looking for two 6" inner barrels for my Compomotives, they are 15" and 20 bolts.

Got in touch with tunershop and they could make me the parts, but the price is a bit to much for me at this moment (The price was including new 4,5" lips) as Im going to lay new paint on my car and have a run on the dyno soon so I need to save the money, but at the same time I need my rims otherwise it will be quite difficult to drive... So I´m looking for some used parts to lower the price

The specs of the center and holes, hopefully I got them right

The wheels
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