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How to use The Wheel Sanctuary

How to place a classified advert, editing an advert... it's all here.

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How to use The Wheel Sanctuary

Postby admin » 06 Jun 2013 20:45

How to use The Wheel Sanctuary
Welcome to The Wheel Sanctuary, the original global wheel classifieds for the hardcore wheel whore. After 12 months development we're pleased to present to your our own, fully custom platform built to help you guys buy and sell wheels globally in the slickest and safest environment around. All we ask is your read the following rules first to experiance the site in the way in which it was intended. Please also read our Terms & Conditions.

In order to place an advert you must first be a registered user. Our registration period only takes a few minutes and allows you to correspond with potential buyers/sellers safely and confidentially through our PM system.

'Featured' ads allow you 6 images, 300 words and also display at random on the homepage, whereas 'Standard' ads are limited to 4 images, 100 words and don't appear prominently on the homepage.

We are now charging a small insertion fee (£2 for 'Featured' ads and £1 for 'Standard' ads) to help with the costs (development, upkeep and planned upgrades) linked to this totally custom platform. This is also to discourage scammers from attempting to sell items they don't actually own.

To save unwanted messages, please mark your advert as Sold soon as they have been sold.

Please ensure you are as honest as possible with the info, location and description you add as we practise a one-strike-and-out policy.

Please be honest here. If a trader is found to be listing as a private seller then you will be instantly banned and vice versa.

Adverts appear on our 'Show All Adverts' page in date order and cannot be bumped.

The rest is pretty self explanatory. If you do have any further questions then please email info@wheel-whores.com with CLASSIFIEDS in the subject line or check our forum.

Please enjoy the classifieds but be sure to read the following important information below before using it. Scammers operate widely online and the following information is here to protect you as best we can.


Our Top Tips When Buying Online

Most important rules of ALL

Buy/sell locally with people you can meet in person and avoid 99% of scam attempts (always meet in a safe place, on common ground if possible).
Remember, scammers practise on the internet daily, but if you exercise some common sense you can avoid any problems.
If an asking price or deal seems too good to be true then usually that is the case.
Please note, PayPal offers no protection to sellers in regards to any item that is collected in person (where proof of delivery isn't available). This is why many scammers will use their own 'agent' to collect your wheels (you then realise that their payment method is fraudulent by which time your wheels have gone and you have no legitimate proof of sale). PayPal only accepts proof of delivery in the form of reputable shipping/courier company's tracking page.
Avoiding Scammers

Never pay for a set of wheels without inspecting them first (or at least having a friend local inspect them for you)
We always recommend you pay for the wheels on collection or get a friend local to said wheels do this on your behalf
If you don't live near to the wheels, then why not meet the person half way (but always in a safe, public environment) like a car show?
If an item you see for sale on The Wheel Sanctuary is being offered at a far cheaper price then ask yourself why. If an item looks too good to be true, then it probably is.
Do not include your contact number or email in the advert. Always make contact via PM to be sure you are dealing with a registered member and you have written record of all correspondence.
Never wire funds using Western Union, Moneygram or any other wire service - most scammers operate using these methods
Fake bankers drafts or cashier's cheques (money orders) are very common these days. Banks may cash them but if discovered to be fake then the banks will hold you responsible.
Do not give out bank details under any circumstances. We always recommend you exchange goods in person, but if transferring the money then use a safe service such as PayPal.
The Wheel Sanctuary (or Wheel-Whores.com) is not involved in any transaction, we do not handle payments, guarantee transactions, offer buyer protections or seller certification. Just because somebody is a registered member doesn't guarantee they are not a scammer.
Recognising Scammers (see examples of scams below)

Common scams will usually include one or more of the following lines;

Somebody enquiring from somewhere far away (usually a foreign country)
A reason why they can't meet you in person before a transaction is made
Some for of Western Union, banker's draft, money gram, cashier's cheque, money order, shipping or a guarantee of some sort
Often scammers will use bad grammar or unusual terminology so watch out for these trademark signs
Somebody buying wheels as a present or on behalf of somebody else
Protect your Computer (this may sound obvious, but when did you last check the following?)

Always ensure your security software is up-to-date, check your anti-virus protection and anti-spyware software, plus a firewall
Block spam emails and use an up-to-date web browser
Encrypt your wireless network in order to protect against freeloaders and eavesdroppers
Set a secure password for your wifi connection using a solid password made up of letters and number
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Re: How to use The Wheel Sanctuary

Postby shiyimeng » 20 Aug 2013 05:45

the article is very helpful for me, thank you very much, Now I can try to use the wheel sanctuary

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Re: How to use The Wheel Sanctuary

Postby Rileya » 13 Sep 2014 08:43

I have never read this type of information in any website . I need it thats for this information . this information can help us in your work
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Re: How to use The Wheel Sanctuary

Postby jaymarwa » 14 Sep 2014 21:16

Hi I am trying to PM someone re their wheels and my PM's are not getting through - any reason for this? Please advise
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Re: How to use The Wheel Sanctuary

Postby doubleu8 » 06 May 2015 14:38

jaymarwa wrote:Hi I am trying to PM someone re their wheels and my PM's are not getting through - any reason for this? Please advise

Having the same difficulties.
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Re: How to use The Wheel Sanctuary

Postby Powlow91 » 23 Sep 2015 00:03

Hi. I'm trying to upload photos of my wheels from my iPhone but it says the file type isn't supported?
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Re: How to use The Wheel Sanctuary

Postby Glendog » 22 Dec 2015 14:29

Its saying, I'm not authorised to post in the wheel sanctuary? why is that?
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